Values – Mission – Vision

Our Core Values

  1. We value the centrality of Jesus.

We believe Jesus is the center of who we are, what we do, and why we do things.  Our preaching and teaching is Christ-centered.  Ministry is not just to/for Jesus but with Him. We see everyone through the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus.

  1. We value the church of Jesus

We believe the church is comprised of Jesus believers.  It is the primary means that God uses to call the world to himself.  We believe in a biblical Christ-centered community that reaches upward, inward, and outward.

  1. We value inter-generational relationships

We believe that everyone should have healthy relationships with people of all ages.  Our church gatherings and events encourage intergenerational ministry.

  1. We value young people.

We believe youth are the church of today and the leaders of tomorrow. We place high emphasis on youth camps and active participation in the church gatherings (worship team, collection, sharing time)

  1. We value team ministry.

We believe that God’s work is best done when it is a team effort.  Our fellowship is led by a  Pastoral team, there is sharing of teaching and preaching responsibilities.


Mission Statement

Growing, Sharing and Caring with Jesus


Vision Statement

We aspire to be a congregation of followers of Jesus who live out their faith in Jesus engaging each other and the community with the love of God, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit to make disciples who engage their world through their faith in Jesus.